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  • Scifi Ship Series in Maya

    In this course we take you from blue prints to take off as Stephen walks through the modelling process for his Scifi ship concept.

  • Grenade Asset in Substance

    In Grenade Asset in Substance Painter, Chris Cunningham walks through the whole process of creating a grenade asset in Maya, texturing it in Photoshop, and rendering it in Marmoset.

  • Coaster Cart Asset in Maya

    In Coaster Cart Asset in Maya, you will learn how to use Maya, Substance Painter 2, and multiple approaches to creating details for texturing an asset.

  • Intro to Normal Maps

    In Intro to Normal Maps, Warren Marshall will be providing a crash course on normal maps and walking you through the technical know-how to fix commonly encountered errors in your normal maps.

  • Intro to Maya 2017

    In this course, you will be receiving a comprehensive introduction to Maya 2017!

  • Cannon Texturing in Substance

    In this course, Philipp Schmidt will use Maya, Zbrush, UV Layout and Substance Painter to create a realistic looking ship cannon.

  • Interior Decor in 3ds Max

    In this course, Ash Thundercliffe will be going over the techniques he uses to modeling and sculpting interior decor in 3ds Max and ZBrush.

  • Quadruped Rigging in Maya

    Quadrupeds come in various types, and they all have their own unique needs, but in this module we will rig a canine character which covers many of the unique problems in rigging a quadruped.

  • Stylized Dungeon Environment in Maya

    In this course we will be going through the process of creating a small stylized dungeon environment from the block-out stage to the final presentation.

  • Advanced Scripting in Maya

    In Advanced Scripting in Maya, we will use a real-world issue as a teaching case while developing automation and support an FBX exporter.

  • Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya

    In this course, Thiago Vidotto is going to walk us through the process of creating an animated run cycle using Maya.

  • Intro to Human IK in Maya

    In this course, Instructor Chad Robert Morgan will be giving a thorough introduction on setting up and using the various features of Human IK within Maya.

  • Intro to BlendShapes in Maya

    In Intro to Blendshapes in Maya, instructor Chad Robert Morgan gives us a detailed look on how to create and use blendshapes in an animation and game development pipeline.

  • Hand Painted Dagger Course

    In this course we will utilize a combination of Maya and Photoshop to take a concept for a stylized weapon and translate that into a fully realized low poly hand painted asset for use in a video game.

  • Intro to Scripting in Maya

    In this course, Chad Morgan will be giving a comprehensive introduction on how to script in Maya using both MEL and the Python programming languages.

  • Stylized Creature Modeling

    In this intermediate level tutorial we will be focusing on the process of creating a creature in the Games Industry.

  • Catacomb Sculpting Series

    In this series, Emiel Sleegers is going to be covering how to sculpt and build a catacomb environment using both Maya and ZBrush.

  • QuickTime Events in UE4

    In this course, Matt Tardiff dissect the process for creating Quick Time Event driven animations using both Maya and Unreal engine 4.

  • Vehicle Creation for Mobile Games

    In this beginner level tutorial we will focus on the creation of a simple vehicle for mobile or low resolution games with a stylized, hand painted ascetic.

  • Camera Modeling Series

    In this series, we'll look at creating a high-resolution camera inside of Maya. We'll be creating the camera using a variety of methods to model each piece of the equipment.

  • Stylized Character Texturing in 3D-Coat

    In this course, Ryan Ribot we will be teaching the necessary skills to prepare and hand paint a 3D Character for game production.

  • UV Unwrapping in Maya

    Stephen Wells give a comprehensive overview of the UV Unwrapping workflow inside of Maya!

  • Drone Modeling Series

    In this course, instructor Laszlo Mandi is going to walk you through his process for creating a security drone inside of Maya and then rendering it in Keyshot!

  • Hand Painted Environment Texturing

    In this course, we're going to be exploring the hand painting texturing style as we create a rickety old cabin!

  • Creating a Unity Puzzle Game

    Learn the full process of creating your own game as instructor Alan Thorn takes you through the process of building a 3D puzzle game inside of the Unity engine!

  • Creature Animation in Maya

    In this course, instructor Prantik Madhukalya gives us a comprehensive look at his process for animating a non-humanoid creature.

  • Hard Surface Vehicle Modeling in Maya

    In this course, Stephen Wells will be taking us through the process of unwrapping, sculpting, polypainting, and rendering a super cool tank.

  • Hard Surface Vehicle Texturing in Maya

    In this course, instructor Stephen Wells will be taking us through the process of unwrapping, sculpting, polypainting, and rendering his Hard Surface Sci-Fi tank.

  • Cloth in UDK

    In this course, Justin Harrison walks us through the various methods of creating cloth elements for real-time game environments!

  • Custom Weapons in UDK

    In this course on creating a custom weapon in UDK, Justin Harrison takes us through the pipeline of setting up a unique tesla weapon for us!

  • Dynamic Destruction in Maya and UDK

    This tutorial explores methods for creating dynamic destruction in both Maya and UDK.

  • Intro to MotionBuilder

    In this course, Justin Harrison gives us a thorough introduction to Autodesk's Motion Builder!

  • The 12 Principles of Animation

    Using Maya, this tutorial will cover the 12 basic principles of Animation, how they apply to everyday objects and characters, and how you can utilize them to bring your character animations to life!

  • Animation Workflow with Maya

    Inside of Maya, learn the best practices for creating key frame animations, animating on a path, and editing your animations and utilizing layers.

  • Character Animation for Games

    In this course, instructor Justin Harrison walks through the process of creating various animations commonly found within a game environment.

  • The Maya Beginner's Course

    In this complete Beginner’s Course, we start by covering the basics of using Maya to understand all the tools you need to know to hit the ground

  • Animation in UDK

    In this complete Animation in UDK tutorial, we break down everything you need to know about setting up and importing Animations into UDK!

  • Hand Painted Weapon Texturing

    In this tutorial we’ll show you the creation process for low poly weapons with a strong emphasis on hand painted texture maps.

  • The Bipedal Rigging Series

    In the Bipedal Rigging Series, we take a thorough look at the complete process of rigging, creating bones, skinning, and painting weights of a

  • Workflow Series: The Treasure Chest

    In this tutorial series, we take you through the entire workflow of a treasure chest game asset from start to finish.

  • High Poly Modeling in Maya

    From concept to completed high poly model, this tutorial will show you how to approach the sub-d process in Maya 2011.

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