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  • The Modular Building Workflow

    In this video we discuss creating modular assets on the grid that are highly reusable, use Photoshop to create a texture sheet to quickly map to our modular building set.

  • Cloth in UDK

    In this course, Justin Harrison walks us through the various methods of creating cloth elements for real-time game environments!

  • Custom Weapons in UDK

    In this course on creating a custom weapon in UDK, Justin Harrison takes us through the pipeline of setting up a unique tesla weapon for us!

  • Dynamic Destruction in Maya and UDK

    This tutorial explores methods for creating dynamic destruction in both Maya and UDK.

  • Sparks, Embers, and Collisions

    Learn the advanced techniques inside of Unreal Cascade and the Material Editor to bring your sparks to the next level!

  • Tileable Textures with ZBrush

    In this beginners tutorial we start by showing you how to create modular geometry in 3ds Max, export it to Zbrush, then quickly get you up to speed on using ZBrush.

  • UDK Material Series: Part 1

    In this tutorial we take an introductory look at UDK’s material editor and cover the basics of importing textures and creating our own introductory materials.

  • UDK Material Series: Part 2

    Inside of UDK, we’ll start with creating a “parent” material as we cover Material Instancing, dive into animated Flipbooks, discuss Opacity and how

  • UDK Material Series: Part 3

    Bill Kladis takes us through even more advanced materials inside of UDK!

  • Creating Foliage for UDK

    This in-depth tutorial covers everything you need to know about creating foliage! We’ll show how to make realistic looking grass, branches, and a full tree from the ground up.

  • Advanced Mesh Paint in UDK

    This tutorial takes an advanced look at UDK’s mesh painting features for game art (often called vertex painting).

  • The Sci-Fi Modular Floor Workflow

    Starting with the normal map baking process in 3ds Max, this tutorial will cover creating color and spec maps, setup a floor material in UDK, and finally add lights and decals.

  • Animation in UDK

    In this complete Animation in UDK tutorial, we break down everything you need to know about setting up and importing Animations into UDK!

  • Visual FX and Cinematics

    In this course, we take you through the process of setting up a complex – but visually stimulating particle system that warps a character in through

  • Complete Cascade Beginner's Guide

    With nearly 7 hours of training, this is one of the most robust intro tutorials on Unreal Cascade there is!

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