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  • C# Scripting in Unity

    In C# Scripting in Unity, instructor Alan Thorn exploresmany ways to work with custom data loaded from external files, like XML, JSON, Binary, CSV files and more.

  • Intro to Unity 2017

    In this comprehensive Intro to Unity 2017 course for beginners, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to get started making games using the Unity engine.

  • Unity 5 Add Ons

    In this Unity 5 Add Ons course, instructor Alan Thorn surveys a varied selection of powerful assets from the Unity Asset Store.

  • Killer Tips in Unity 5

    In this 3DMotive course for intermediate viewers, instructor Alan Thorn explores a collection of high-powered tips and tricks for increasing your productivity in Unity 5.

  • Advanced C# in Unity 5

    In this comprehensive course targeted at advanced users, learn how to create believable game worlds and behaviors by scripting gameplay in C#.

  • 2D Adventure Game in Unity

    In this extensive course for intermediate users, instructor Alan Thorn helps you explore how to build 2D games from the ground upwards.

  • Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity 5

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn explores many powerful features in Unity 5, from debugging tools and version control, to 2D sprites and User Interfaces.

  • Intro to Unity 5

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn explains everything you need to get started in Unity 5, even if you’re completely new to game development.

  • Intro to Blender for Game Artists

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn is going to be giving a comprehensive introduction to Blender for Game Artists.

  • Creating a Unity Puzzle Game

    Learn the full process of creating your own game as instructor Alan Thorn takes you through the process of building a 3D puzzle game inside of the Unity engine!

  • Creating 2D Games in Unity

    In this tutorial, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through the process of creating a 2D Shooting Gallery game with the Unity Game Engine.

  • Unity Tips and Tricks

    In this course, Alan Thorn takes us through some great tips and tricks you need to know when working with Unity!

  • Modular Building in Unity and Blender

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn takes you through the basics of Blender and Gimp while teaching asset creation pipeline, and follows up by teaching you how to import those assets into Unity.

  • C# Programming with Unity

    In this tutorial, Alan Thorn covers many of the C# fundamentals, as well as an introduction on scripting in Unity using the C# language.

  • Unity 3.5 - An Introduction

    In this extensive tutorial series, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through a comprehensive look at the Unity Game Engine.

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