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Unreal 4

  • Animation Pipeline in UE4

    In Animation Pipeline in UE4, Chad Mogran will be giving a comprehensive overview of all things animation in Epic's Unreal 4 Engine.

  • Winter Shaders in Substance

    In Winter Shaders in Substance, we will be walking through the workflow of creating various snow textures in Substance Designer.

  • Building an Exterior Environment in UE4

    In this course we will go over on how to create a level in Unreal Engine 4 from scratch while using pre-made assets from the Unreal Marketplace.

  • Mobile Game Publishing in UE4

    In this course Chad Morgan is going to be summarizing everything he has learned form his experience in publishing his first mobile game so your experience in doing the same will go more smoothly.

  • Displacement vs Parallax Mapping in UE4

    In this course we will be looking at the various ways of displacing textures within UE4, as well as the pros and cons of each method and the best ways they can be utilized in a video game environment.

  • Dynamic Vehicle Setup in UE4

    In this course, Lukas de Kock will be covering how to setup the blueprints for creating a dynamic controllable vehicle in UE4.

  • Intro to Materials in UE4

    This Materials in Unreal Engine 4 course will give you a thorough understanding of creating materials inside of the UE4 engine.

  • Intro to UE4

    In this intro to Unreal Engine 4, Kyle Horwood is going to be taking through various aspects of this incredible powerful game development tool.

  • QuickTime Events in UE4

    In this course, Matt Tardiff dissect the process for creating Quick Time Event driven animations using both Maya and Unreal engine 4.

  • Intro to Blueprints in UE4

    In this course, Kyle Horwood gives a comprehensive introduction to the new blueprint system within Unreal Engine 4.

  • Build a Side-Scroller in UE4

    In this course, instructor Greg Mirles walks us through the process of building a side-scroller level using both 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4.

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