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  • Intro to Maya 2017

    In this course, you will be receiving a comprehensive introduction to Maya 2017!

  • Quadruped Rigging in Maya

    Quadrupeds come in various types, and they all have their own unique needs, but in this module we will rig a canine character which covers many of the unique problems in rigging a quadruped.

  • Intro to Human IK in Maya

    In this course, Instructor Chad Robert Morgan will be giving a thorough introduction on setting up and using the various features of Human IK within Maya.

  • Intro to Blender for Game Artists

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn is going to be giving a comprehensive introduction to Blender for Game Artists.

  • Creature Animation in Maya

    In this course, instructor Prantik Madhukalya gives us a comprehensive look at his process for animating a non-humanoid creature.

  • Cloth in UDK

    In this course, Justin Harrison walks us through the various methods of creating cloth elements for real-time game environments!

  • Custom Weapons in UDK

    In this course on creating a custom weapon in UDK, Justin Harrison takes us through the pipeline of setting up a unique tesla weapon for us!

  • Dynamic Destruction in Maya and UDK

    This tutorial explores methods for creating dynamic destruction in both Maya and UDK.

  • Intro to MotionBuilder

    In this course, Justin Harrison gives us a thorough introduction to Autodesk's Motion Builder!

  • Animation Workflow with Maya

    Inside of Maya, learn the best practices for creating key frame animations, animating on a path, and editing your animations and utilizing layers.

  • Character Animation for Games

    In this course, instructor Justin Harrison walks through the process of creating various animations commonly found within a game environment.

  • Animation in UDK

    In this complete Animation in UDK tutorial, we break down everything you need to know about setting up and importing Animations into UDK!

  • The Bipedal Rigging Series

    In the Bipedal Rigging Series, we take a thorough look at the complete process of rigging, creating bones, skinning, and painting weights of a

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