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User Interface

  • UV Unwrapping in Maya

    Stephen Wells give a comprehensive overview of the UV Unwrapping workflow inside of Maya!

  • Intro to Blender for Game Artists

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn is going to be giving a comprehensive introduction to Blender for Game Artists.

  • Build a Side-Scroller in UE4

    In this course, instructor Greg Mirles walks us through the process of building a side-scroller level using both 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4.

  • Unity Tips and Tricks

    In this course, Alan Thorn takes us through some great tips and tricks you need to know when working with Unity!

  • Intro to GameMaker Studio Course

    In this complete Intro to GameMaker: Studio course, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through the entire process of building an old-school,

  • Platformer in GameMaker Studio

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn will be walking through the process of creating a side-scrolling platformer game from scratch using GameMaker: Studio.

  • The Maya Beginner's Course

    In this complete Beginner’s Course, we start by covering the basics of using Maya to understand all the tools you need to know to hit the ground

  • Unity 3.5 - An Introduction

    In this extensive tutorial series, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through a comprehensive look at the Unity Game Engine.

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