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VFX / Scripting

  • Intro to C# in Unity

    In this comprehensive 3DMotive.com course for beginners, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to get started at C# Programming by making games using the Unity engine.

  • C# Scripting in Unity

    In C# Scripting in Unity, instructor Alan Thorn exploresmany ways to work with custom data loaded from external files, like XML, JSON, Binary, CSV files and more.

  • Intro to Unity 2017

    In this comprehensive Intro to Unity 2017 course for beginners, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to get started making games using the Unity engine.

  • Advanced C# in Unity 5

    In this comprehensive course targeted at advanced users, learn how to create believable game worlds and behaviors by scripting gameplay in C#.

  • Advanced Scripting in Maya

    In Advanced Scripting in Maya, we will use a real-world issue as a teaching case while developing automation and support an FBX exporter.

  • Intro to Scripting in Maya

    In this course, Chad Morgan will be giving a comprehensive introduction on how to script in Maya using both MEL and the Python programming languages.

  • Intro to Blueprints in UE4

    In this course, Kyle Horwood gives a comprehensive introduction to the new blueprint system within Unreal Engine 4.

  • GUIs in Game Maker: Studio

    Alan Thorn takes you through the process of building graphical user interfaces using GameMaker: Studio.

  • Creating a Unity Puzzle Game

    Learn the full process of creating your own game as instructor Alan Thorn takes you through the process of building a 3D puzzle game inside of the Unity engine!

  • Custom Weapons in UDK

    In this course on creating a custom weapon in UDK, Justin Harrison takes us through the pipeline of setting up a unique tesla weapon for us!

  • Dynamic Destruction in Maya and UDK

    This tutorial explores methods for creating dynamic destruction in both Maya and UDK.

  • Creating 2D Games in Unity

    In this tutorial, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through the process of creating a 2D Shooting Gallery game with the Unity Game Engine.

  • Sparks, Embers, and Collisions

    Learn the advanced techniques inside of Unreal Cascade and the Material Editor to bring your sparks to the next level!

  • UDK Material Series: Part 3

    Bill Kladis takes us through even more advanced materials inside of UDK!

  • Intro to GameMaker Studio Course

    In this complete Intro to GameMaker: Studio course, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through the entire process of building an old-school,

  • Platformer in GameMaker Studio

    In this course, instructor Alan Thorn will be walking through the process of creating a side-scrolling platformer game from scratch using GameMaker: Studio.

  • C# Programming with Unity

    In this tutorial, Alan Thorn covers many of the C# fundamentals, as well as an introduction on scripting in Unity using the C# language.

  • Animation in UDK

    In this complete Animation in UDK tutorial, we break down everything you need to know about setting up and importing Animations into UDK!

  • Visual FX and Cinematics

    In this course, we take you through the process of setting up a complex – but visually stimulating particle system that warps a character in through

  • Complete Cascade Beginner's Guide

    With nearly 7 hours of training, this is one of the most robust intro tutorials on Unreal Cascade there is!

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