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World Building

  • Catacomb Environment in Zbrush Series!

    Students taking the Catacomb in ZBrush course will learn how to take a basic quick sketch of a scene and create simple geometry to approximate a proxy/temporary version.

  • Intro to Unity 2017

    In this comprehensive Intro to Unity 2017 course for beginners, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to get started making games using the Unity engine.

  • Building an Exterior Environment in UE4

    In this course we will go over on how to create a level in Unreal Engine 4 from scratch while using pre-made assets from the Unreal Marketplace.

  • Modular Sets in Blender

    In this course intended for intermediate viewers, instructor Alan Thorn explores how to build low-poly environment assets in a dark industrial theme using the Blender software.

  • Level Design in CryEngine

    In this course, Emiel sleegers is going to be giving a comprehensive introduction to prop placement, environment setup, and general level design within CryEngine.

  • Set Construction in CryEngine

    In this course, Emiel Sleegers is going to be covering the full workflow of how to build a modular warehouse environment piece using both Maya and CryEngine.

  • Intro to SpeedTree in CryEngine

    In this course, instructor Emiel Sleegers is going to walk us through the process of learning the SpeedTree to CryEngine pipeline whiel utilizing Maya as the middle-man 3D package for exporting.

  • Creating a Unity Puzzle Game

    Learn the full process of creating your own game as instructor Alan Thorn takes you through the process of building a 3D puzzle game inside of the Unity engine!

  • Terrain Creation in World Machine

    In this course, Emiel Sleegers will cover the pipeline on how to generate terrain using both the Mudbox and World Machine software.

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