2018 Blizzard Art Contest for Students!

The Blizzard Art contest for 2018 has been posted with more entry categories than ever! Using the World of Warcraft as the basis for your entry, contestants can create an environment diorama, with hand painted textures, and a small section of the environment around it. For character artists, you may create on character with a budget of 6k polys and one 1024x124 texture sheet. FX artists can create the effects needed for an ability with additional set pieces as necessary. For animation students, you can create an animation of an attack, a weapon spell attack, or a summon and transition. Take a look at previous winners!

The winner will receive a tour of Blizzard Entertainment HQ, a 2 hour mentorship session with a Blizzard Artist. Check out the Blizzard careers page for more information! 

Want to learn more about creating environments? Check out our tutorials on environment creation!

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