3D Modeling On The Go!

Stuck in transit or family outing but desperately need to model something? Any other artist can wip out a sketchbook, but 3d modelers often find themselves at a disadvantage. Here is a list of tablet and budget friendly 3d apps:

Space Draw From Scalisoft

Space draw is for the Android user. It comes highly recommended, and is capable of fast and simple block outs. It exports in .obj file formats so once you’re at home you can export it to 3ds Max or Maya. The polycount support forum can be found here after the jump. There is a free version and the fill costs $5.

Autodesk Formit Beta

From Autodesk is an application called Formit, more of an architectural application, but it allows for real time collaboration between an iPad and web browser.

Autodesk 123D

From Autodesk is the 123D suite of programs. 123D catch allows users to take a bunch of photos of a real world object and convert them into a 3D model. 123D Creature is made for creature and character designers. 123D sculpt is the all around sculpting program, while 123D Make exists for turning 3D into 2D models. 123D Design allows users to build models and supports 3D printing. All of these are free and available for Android and ios tablets.

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