3ds Max 2019.1

Autodesk has released the next edition of the beloved 3ds Max software. There are a host of new features! To list a few: Shard Views allows you to share with other online users or publish directly from 3ds Max to a browser; 3ds Max Interactive is a new feature for streamlined VR editing; there's a new Smart Placement tool, which lets you place objects inside VR, as well as live transform tracking. Shape Booleans allow you to combine splines into new shapes and makes it easier to build from floor plans or create motion graphics. And that's just the start: many other features have been enhanced, including a streamlined option for choosing the angles when extruding or beveling polygons and the renderable spline modifier, which allows you to correct twists inside splines. There's still more to see, so check out changelog from Autodesk, and be sure to update to 3ds Max 2019.1!


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