3ds Max Script and MCG tool Roundup!

Just in time for Christmas these scripts and Max Creation Graph tools may help you polish any Christmas themed scene. From footprints in the snow, to stitching on Santa’s clothing, these scripts are perfect for the holiday. This roundup is specifically 3ds Max flavored.


X-Mas Light Generator

For the perfect Christmas Scene is a tool that allows users to generate Christmas lights (both mesh and a light source) from a spline. Message the creator, Estefania Ramirez for more info on X-Mas Light Generator.


MCG Magnetic Filaments + DCP Van Gogh

The Van Gogh creation tool lets users make use of filaments to create some stunning Van Gogh inspired images. Has potential with FX creation, or just download and play!

DCP Selection Passthrough

Create impressions or footprints on objects by moving them through a selected mesh with DCP Selection Passthrough. Created to aid with footprint generation, but has potential to help on a variety of hard surface or organic meshes. Check out the video below to see how it works!


DCP Sweep Dreams

From the ever sarcastic user vusta is Sweep Dreams, a tool which allows users to create stitching along a spline. The effect is professional and clean, and would be awesome for characters or clothing. Tool is 5$ USD.


From user oormicreations is a script that allows users to generate star fields in the background.



From user Swordslayer is a script that alters a primitive into a star. Adjust the arms and lengths to get the perfect one! Check out the star script from Scriptspot!

To learn more about how to use 3ds Max, check out our Modeling with 3Ds Max. Have a happy Holiday!

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