Animation Practice Character Rigs

Character animation is difficult, and it can take a fair bit of practice to get human movement fluid and realistic. Whether you're just starting out or already an experienced user, take a look at these free educational character rigs! 

Flour Sack v1.01


Beginning animators often cut their teeth with the the iconic flour sack. Giving an inanimate object a personality isn't the easiest task - but thankfully, Joe Daniels has a simple flour sack rig to allow you  to try your hand expressive body language, emotions and movements. Joe’s flour sack works in Maya 2013 and beyond.

Animation Rigs from Tre Vital


Tre Vital has an assortment of free character rigs for animation practice. 

Judy Hops


CG-Trader cmy-mahmoud has a Judy Hops rig to offer for Maya users.

Project Mery


José Manuel García Alvarez and Antonio Méndez Lora have a high-quality fully-rigged original character, Mery! The character is ideal for animators who have mastererd the basics and want to work on character and emotion. Best of all, Mery is free!

Psylocke Rig


Check out this free practice Psylocke rig for maya. Modeled by Dan Eder and rigged by Truong, with some animation work by Ton Tuan Bao Long, this rig is free for educational, or personal use. Works with Maya 2014 and up.

Want to learn how to animate for games? Check out our intro to game character animation with Justin Harrison!


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