Art Dump roundup

Some really fantastic games have come out along with some awesome art dumps in the last months. In case you’ve missed some, or if you need a spot of inspiration in your day, check out this roundup of fantastic Art Dumps:

Robo Recall

From the team at Robo Recall:  Art Direction : Jerome Platteaux, Concept : Daniel Hahn, Modeling : Mark Van Haitsma, Pete Hayes and texture work from Edward Quintero. Make sure to check out the Robo Recall Thread for more awesome work for the team.


Dishonored 2 Character Clothing ArtDump

From artist Georgian Avasilcutei and the Romanian outsource team for Dishonored 2(  Cristi Buliarca, Mihaela Morozan, Mihai Dobrin, Claudiu Tanasie.) Be sure to Check out the Dishonored 2 Character polycount thread!

Mass Effect Andromeda Character Art Dump

From Lead Character Artist at Bioware Montreal Herb, comes a huge assortment of aliens, characters and space suites from Andromeda. The Mass Effect Andromeda polycount thread has a lot including vehicle and spaceships, so be sure to check it out!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons

From Ethan Hiley comes a look at the work he did for Modern Warfare remaster. Check out his polycount thread, and be sure to check out his art station!

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