Art War 2 from Cubebrush!

Our friends at Cubebrush have announced another Art War to mark their second anniversary! Enter as a 2D or 3D artist and create a champion of the Light or of the Darkness with the following prompt as inspiration:

The art community had been at peace since last year and the future looked bright heading towards the new year. Unfortunately... good things never last...

On the verge of the year 2018 the forces of LIGHT and DARKNESS have started to clash in an all out ART WAR! Will light shine on victoriously or will darkness engulf everything?

There are a whole pile of prizes available, and the lineup of judges is epic: Renaud Galand, Vitaliy Naymushin, Fusto de Martini, Mathias Verhasselt, Elena Bespalova, Yekateria Boyrykina, and many more! Check out the FAQ for more information. The ArtWar2 ends on February 5th, 2018, so be sure to enter now!

Check out last year’s winners:

Alexej Peters

Dane Petersen

Blair Armitage


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