FJTools 1.0 free on Gumroad!

From the very awesome Florian James comes the awesome FJTool set, now free on Gumroad! Released exclusively for Zbrush 4r8 this tool runs smoothly, and assists artists in organizing and sorting subtools inside Zbrush. A must have for any character artist - be sure to take a look!


Check out Florian’s Artstation page for a full demo of the powerful toolset. Visit Zbrushcentral for the full FJTools changelog, and be sure to read through the FJtools Polycount thread. If you didn’t grab them before, be sure to now! And finally, visit FJTools for your free Gumroad download!  Be sure to follow, as Florian is planning on improving this tool and updating it with the new version of Zscript. We can’t wait to see what he does next!  

To learn more about Zbrush, check out our Zbrush tutorials!

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