Folio Friday - Daniel Cuatt

Starwars and Armored Warfare! 

This week we would like to feature the awesome work of 3D environment and prop artist Daniel Cuatt. Daniel's work can be found in Armored Warfare, and for those of you who have played “Desert Crossing” you will recognize the large ship building crane as one of his models with the texture work done by the fantastic Jason Lewis. Outside of Armored Warfare, Daniel was one of the Obsidian artists who contributed to the very awesome Mos Eisley Scene; you can find the iconic Gonk droid remade by Daniel below. The Unreal Engine 4 Mos Eisley level can be downloaded for those of you who would like to take a closer look at his models. We had a chance to ask Daniel some questions about his work:

You worked on the Mos Eisley scene? What was your favorite part?

For Mos Eisley, I worked on a few external doodads, the Gonk droid, and a wedge shaped speeder. First of all, a lot of the fun was the bigger picture idea that here we were, a bunch of friends just making Star Wars stuff together! You know, everyone in the team already had a great love for the Star Wars universe, and dumping all that passion into one place was pretty awesome. A second thing was getting an opportunity to learn Substance Painter. I learned Quixel for Armored Warfare, but Substance had some cool features like selection by UV that helped me texture assets quickly. Lastly was getting to see Seth, our animator, breathe life into the Gonk droid. I had gotten to the end my involvement on the droid, and it was this static box sitting in the world, not that impressive... Until I saw it idle, turn its little body around, take a few steps... THAT was pretty magical.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my current job is, without a doubt, the people. Yeah, I get to make art for games, but Obsidian is packed with not just fantastic artists, but great people and a great culture. I don't think Mos Eisley would've happened if the people on the team weren't as friendly, outgoing, and easy to get along with. One thing I'll definitely miss when I eventually have to leave is the friends I've made here.

What's your favorite part of the pipeline?

For the pipeline, I've really liked texturing and materials. Any excuse to use my tablet is a win for me. And it's the part that takes the asset from "block-in viewport shading" to "here's something you could hold and touch," and that's really kind of neat. All the balancing and tuning, it reminds me of trying to balance a penny on its side. It's not the easiest thing to do but it's so satisfying to get right! I also have a great time set dressing maps. It's not as immediately glamorous and a bit harder to pinpoint what my work is (you see it's called "environmental storytelling..."), but I tell my wife it's like playing in the backyard with sticks and rocks and action figures, building forts and digging holes. It's a real throwback and a lot of fun!

Be sure to follow Daniel on Artstation for more work and to see his models in Marmoset Viewer, and check out Daniel's Blogspot. 

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