Folio Fridays! Jody Sargent

This week we would like to feature the Senior Environment Artist Jody Sargent. With 10 years experience exclusively in the games industry and many published titles under her belt, her mastery of building detailed environments is phenomenal. Having her start at Headstrong Games, she worked on titles from Lord of the Rings; Aragorn’s Quest, and House of the Dead: Overkill. Her latest game work was at Rocksteady, helping to craft the fantastically atmospheric levels in Batman Arkham Knight, and Arkham VR. Currently available for freelance; she has been incorporating photogrammetry into her personal environmental projects. We were able to ask her a few questions about her start:

What first got you into 3D art, and what advice would you want to give to someone just starting?

I came into 3D art really naturally, my mum was an artist growing up and my dad was in I.T and loved computer games.  As soon as I realized in college that I could make game art for a living I knew I wanted to do that!  To someone that is just starting I would tell them that it is important to be happy in a creative career so work hard but take care of yourself too!  Taking care of myself and finding inspiration from everywhere including travel has been key for me especially now that I am nearly 10 years in!  There is no point spending a load of money on that newest graphics card if you are not looking after the one who's going to be using it!

Which is currently your favorite portfolio piece, and why?

Oooh I think it's the "Hiking in 2077" piece I made.  I just had so much fun doing it and learnt a load. I went to Snowdonia to practice photogrammetry for that one which was great even though I got some super weird looks from hikers! 

Hiking in 2077 used Agisoft Photoscan, used 3D Max, Zbrush, Substance painter, Substance Designer, Speedtree, World Machine, Photoshop, and was built in Unreal Engine 4. The process was detailed in Jody Sargent: Creating "Hiking in 2077" at 80 Level, and results are amazing, check them out below! 




Please be sure to check out her ArtStation along with Jody Sargent’s website!

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