Game Developer Conference 2018

Get Psyched!

The game development event of the year is right around the corner, kicking off tomorrow, the 18th of March! Software companies from around the world will be showcasing the latest game technologies and previews for their upcoming games! Tons of guest speakers will be sharing techniques and processes from the latest games. We’ve assembled a list of things to know going in, as well as events to look out for!


Unreal Engine

On the heels of the full release of the UE 4.19, Unreal Engine will be hosting a dedicated floor space for games and beer, along with a multitude of technical lighting, character, optimization and programming talks hosted at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. The Booth 423 will feature a learning theater with a showcase of the latest from the engine.


The awesome development engine Unity will be at GDC showcasing the latest games made for VR, a keynote of the upcoming development plan, as well as multiple panels on the Scriptable Rendering platform and data-oriented design. Check out Unity’s homepage for lots of information!


The industry giant Autodesk will be at GDC, showcasing new improvements to their software suite as well as hosting talks on production and pipeline, new tools in Shotgun for production management in games, Autodesk and Unity integration, as well as better interop for collaborative game development - to name just a few! Check out Autodesk’s page for more information.


Android will be hosting Google Developer Day on Monday the 19th. Mobile developers, now's your chance to learn more about new developments on the mobile gaming horizon!

Magic Leap

The much anticipated Magic Leap has released a preview of the Magic Leap One. The company will be presenting “The World is Your Playground: Deep Dive on Developing for Spatial Computing”.

HTC Vive

In the 6th Annual State of the Industry Survey, the Vive came out on top as the most popular platform for developers. Swing by to hear more on what Vive has to offer your project!


Oculus, HTC's longtime rival for VR dominance, will be exibiting as well! Though they haven't been in the spotlight much recently, there are some rumors that they have something big planned - possibly even a reveal of their much-anticipated Oculus Go! Stay tuned!

alt.Ctrl.GDC Awards

The Game Development Conference interactive space will be showcasing alternative control schemes, as well as giving awards celebrating the most innovative developments in game dev!


Allegorithmic is delivering the keynote address on the texturing techniques used in the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire VR Experience, as well as substance use in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Check out Allegorithmic's page for a full lineup of keynotes and schedules. Mark your calendars - Substance Day is Tuesday, March 20th!



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