GDC 2017 Day 1 Recap

For those of you who can't be at GDC this year, we have a round up of the hottest news fresh from the first day of the conference.

Awesome Talks and Game Theory

Train Jam

Adriel Wallick, Kerry turner and Rami Ismail cue up a podcast recap on the Train Jam experience as well as a sneak peek at Rami Ismail’s GDC talk and Kerry tells us how booth work is.

Practical Procedural Generation

From Kate Compton shares her thoughts on Practical procedural generation and how it could be implemented for a naturalistic effect.

7 lessons learned Making VR Games at Experiment 7

Coray Siefert shares lessons learned as Director of Production at Experiment 7. With 4 years experience, he has some good tips for the up and coming dev!

Graveyard Shift Postmortem

Aslan Game Studio talks about the development process of the steam game Graveyard Shift.



Unity will be releasing the final update, 5.6, later this April and will be ending the current Unity 5. Beyond that, Unity 2017 will be the new state of the program. You can watch the Unity GDC press Conference below

Unreal Engine

Check out the awesome UE4 2017 showcase below!


Firebase a app for development and analytics is now available for Unity and any developers using C++. New titles will be coming to daydream VR, in addition to being able to preregister for high fidelity games. Have announced tweaks to the google play store to help customers find new games through discovery. Check out the Google events page for more Google GDC info!


The powerful fileage generation program has had it’s latest version in development for nearly two years. The demo of Speed Tree 8 was shown on Amazon Lumberyard.



If you missed the livestream, watch it on the NVidia Twitch channel.


Amd had some awesome announcements. At the AMD Capsaicin & Cream media event they spoke much about the next gen Vega graphics cards as well as the AMD Ryzen CPUS both aimed at supporting VR. Check them out here on AMD’s Twitch.


Valve and SMI have Eye-tracking tech will be added to Vive and Open VR. LG  has a new SteamVR headset prototype in development.


The Oculus 1.12 will patch many of the tracking issues and experimental room-scale issues.Despite many setbacks this year, Oculus will be releasing new VR titles.


Speaking of VR, the Vive Tracker will be available as soon as March 27 for $99. It can attach to normal objects and aims to give the player more control over real world objects.

As always, check out the source at Gamasutra for immediate GDC news!

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