GDC 2018 Monday Highlights!

 The first day of GDC has wrapped up. Some lovely talk posters made by the staff hung between North and South Moscone Center, industry leaders give talks on the cutting edge technology at the game industry's biggest event. Here are some of the main highlights and news from the first day!


NVIDIA Real-Time Ray tracing!

NVIDIA boggles some minds with it’s RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing!




Amazon announces GameOn, a service that allows developers to host in-game and across platform events for users to compete for prizes.

EPIC Games

Paragon Content

Content from Epic Game’s Paragon is now on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for free!

Magic Leap One

Unreal Engine now supports the elusive Magic Leap One with the addition to Lumin SDK support. Developers will have to sign up for access, and that can be done at the Magic Leap Creator page.


HTC announces the Vive Pro headset and opens up preorders. The HTC Vive has seen a price drop for 100 USD making it affordable to developers.

Google Play: download-free instant games

Google has announced development for it’s new feature, Google Play Instant, for Android.

Humble Bundle has the IGF Choice Award Sale!

The forever wonderful Humble Bundle has up to 50% off sale on the IGF Choice awards. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Cuphead, Tormenter x Punisher, or Dream Daddy, now is your chance!

Must read talks on Game Development from summarized by the fine folks at Gamasutra:

Kris Graft of Gamasutra sums up Tom Francis  experiences on Heat Signature with Scope Creep: A useful, treacherous tool.

Zak Garriss, lead writer on Life Is Strange: before the Storm  discusses how to run a successful writer’s room.

Gabby DaRienzo on A Mortician’s Tale deconstructs how death should be designed.

Eric Stirpe and Molly Maloney of Telltale Games discusses Building a Partnership Between Writers and Narrative Designers.

Jennifer Scheurle discusses Appreciating the magic(and power) of hidden game mechanics.

Andrew Eiche and Cy Wise of Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual rick-ality discuss Using data to look at what VR games get right (and wrong) about accessibility.

Be sure to follow the GDC twitch stream, and the Gamasutra GDC 2018 Event Coverage for fresh news!


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