GDC Midweek Recap!

We’re about halfway through the 2017 Game Developers convention and have another roundup of hot and popular news coming out of the conference.

Awesome Talks and Game Theory

Hailing from germany is Sara Vogl who talks about VR development for the upcoming Lucid Trips title which will be released on Steam later this month.

Tim Sweeney & Epic

From Epic Games, Tim Sweeney believes that the future of video game racing means more AR and VR. UE4’s Integration with captured video footage overlaid is another select feature time plans on releasing with UE4 before next GDC. Already implemented in Star Wars Rogue 1; example of technology using Unreal Engine software with footage is the Mill BLACKBIRD

GDC 2017 Survey - State of the Industry

At a glance PC remains the most popular game platform to make games for with 53% developers targeting PC platform for game release while 27% of developers are releasing for Playstation 4, 22% of developers focusing on titles for Xbox One, and 38% of developers targeting mobile platform for games. Download the full survey at GDC’s State of Game.

GDC X One Life Left

One Life Left x DGC podcast: Carousels, Cash and the Coldest GDC Ever

Indie game designers gather to talk about GDC - cash, carousels and the weather.

Studio Wildcard

For the first time Studio Wildcard will be sponsoring a mods program to pay for a selected 15 mod teams. View the full press release at Gamasutra.


Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Later this month Windows will release dev kits for a Mixed reality headset. Starting at $299 and developed by Acer, the HMD will feature two high resolution liquid cristal displays at 1440x1440 build in audio out and microphone support along with a HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection cables. 


The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti was revealed as the new Nvidia flagship gaming GPU. Leaked and heavily anticipated, it will be available starting at march 10th.

Oculus Rift

Oculus drops Rift and touch prices - a bundle for both will now cost $598.

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