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By the end of Sculpting Hand Anatomy in Zbrush, you'll have a solid understanding of the anatomy of the hand, the underlying muscles, and how to interpret them into the 3D form using zBrush. After a quck intro to the physical anatomy, you will learn how to use DynaMesh to create a base for the hand, and will learn how to use ZRemesher to create a usable topology.  From there, we'll jump into creating hands in a T pose to use in the animation, before proceeding into modifying the pose to something a bit more aesthetic. Next, you'll be going in depth into the hand study, understanding what are the little tweaks that make a good hand sculpture; you'll also be given an understanding about hand expression, and how they can transmite emotion. Within Zbrush, you'll learn how to use a correctly workflow, to sculpt useful models and not only a simple sketch unuseful. As we wrap things up, you'll be learning how to create a composite with ZBrush Render, Keyshot and Photoshop, to presentation the sculpt in social medias. This is a great start to understand the anatomy of the human body, so get your grip, and hol on tight for some good learning!


This course will consist of 2 volumes and we will be releasing a volume every week. The downloadable version will be available at the end of the series release.



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