Hair Tools for Characters!

Creating realistic hair for characters is always a pain. To make the process easier we have for you a roundup of tools that will help make hair modeling faster and more enjoyable for a variety of programs!

Braided Hair H.2.3

Created by artist Reza Asaie, this 3Ds Max script allows the user to create beautiful braided hair!


Use maya instead? That’s fine, because XGen has you covered! XGen a plugin that allows you to populate the surface of an object with primitives. Not just for hair, this can be used for any random primitive you need spread evenly or not across a surface.

Hair Tool

Not a 3ds Max or Maya user? Check out the Hair Tool for Blender from Bartosz Sstyperek on gum road!

Hair Recomb

From Veda3d, This 3ds Max Hair Recomb script allows the user to adjust splines without touching the Hair and Fur modifier. Might work on plants too.

Want to learn more about character modeling? Check out our character modeling tutorial!

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