Halloween Tool & Script Roundup!

Cobweb Generator

This procedural cobweb generator for Blender will help you flush out your scene with loads fo gross cobwebs. 


ghost Town Lite

Check out this 3ds Max City generator script! Use ghost Town Lite to Generate roads buildings (low poly or high) and use scripts for adding facades and signs!

200 Human Skin Textures

From Celito Moura Filho are an assortment of pore, skin, wrinkle and animal skins to help you with your Zbrush monsters.

Cable Script

Need a spooky laboratory? Check out this cable script from Romain Chauliac which allows for some fast and easy editing of splines!

Weather Tool

Need a bit of lightning in your castle scene? Check out this weather tool from James Stone!

Want to learn more about Maya? Check out our advanced scripting in Maya course!


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