Hand Painted Normal Maps Tips and Tricks

Reserved for the fantastical, hand painted maps are perfect for a environment with that extra punch of character and artistic touch. While all hand painting textures takes time and practice, the hand painted normal map is a tricky one to master. These tutorials from around the web should give you some ideas on how to accurately paint a normal, or speed up the process.

Normal maps are especially difficult. if you are going for a fully painted one, then check out Jessica Dinh’s hand painted normal map timelapse:

Using a 3d Sculpting program will help speed up the progress. Check out Ryan Gatts’s tutorial on Creating Normal map using Mudbox and Photoshop:

In Simon Schreibt’s blog post on Handmade Normal Maps he covers how Normals can be used to lit sprite sheets, adding a newer game technology to the older 16 bit games for a punch in lighting and atmospheric effects.

Check out Ryan Ribot’s Hand Painted Environment Tutorial!

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