Holiday Software Sales Roundup!

Here are some sweet sales that you should probably check out before spending all of those steam gift cards. Update your software or take advantage of this to try out new tools for making really amazing game art!

Modo Indie

Pick up a copy of Modo Indie for up to 39% off (depending on subscription plan). Now might be the best time to renew and take advantage of that sale! Check out the Modo Steam page!

Tilt Brush

The popular VR painting tool, Tilt Brush is currently on sale for 50% off.


Substance Painter, Substance B2M3 and Substance Designer are all on sale for 34% off! Check out the Steam page or the website.


Marmoset Toolbag 3 is 30% off. Check out the Facebook page, the Marmoset Steam page, or the Marmoset website.

3D Coat

Amateur V4.8 is 25% off, and the professional verison is 20%. Check out the 3d Coat Steam page, or the website.


The game engine for  indie or hobbyist developers is on sale for 60% off. Check out the Steam store.

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Epic is running sales on Unreal Engine Marketplace assets. Now’s the time to pick up some helpful tools, shaders, assets or whatever you need to make your killer game levels!

And finally, be sure to c#mce_temp_url#heck out our libraries to brush up on your modeling or texturing skills!

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