Horizon Zero Dawn ArtDump!

Jump over to Art Station and You’ll notice the front page dominated by the fantastic work from the Gurilla Art team from Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is one a handful of games that has proven a massive improvement in technical art as well as showcasing a hyperreal and polished breath taking environment. For Inspiration, motivation and admiration we'd like to present the


Alloy was realized by a team of artists and coders, Dan Calvert, Arno Schmitz, Johan Lithvall, as well as Arno Schmitz for modeling as well as Jeroen Krebbers (code) and Lucas Bramlage for shading. These fantastic artists were responsible for realizing Gurilla Games’s Target of  a fully dynamic,100k triangles in-game hair. Aloy’s hair has “50 splines at 3-5 ms whilst maintaining a stable 30fps on a PS4 system.” Concept work for Aloy by Llya Golitsyn, Luc de Haan, Joseph Noel as well as armor from Armor from Ben Erdt and Sven Juhlin.

Erik Van Helvoirt Concept art for Cauldrons, with High poly Sculpts from Erik van Helvoirt, and Sub Rosa.



From Lennart Franken comes some amazing High Poly  Robots, and from Nazz Abdoel more Robots. The Thunderjaw on screen has 550k Polys. From Miguel Angel Martinez, principal concept artist at Guerrilla Games, comes some amazing robotic animals and environment concepts. 



Amazing environmental Props From Alex Zapata, who was responsible for the horus Titan War Machine, as well as rusted out props from the modern world and some "new" buildings and houses. Miguel was also responsible for making some amazing environment concept art.


Stunning Landscape work comes from Lucas Bolt, Jacob Tai, Ben Jaramillo, Wilbert Oosterom, Jelle van Scherpenzeel, Amir Abdaoui, Tim Hijlkema, Lukas Lukas Kölz and Steven de Vries. Environmental Concept work is from Lloyd Allan.


Last but not least, Check out the Animation Reel from Richard Oud!


If you love what you see, then Head on over to Art Station for more artwork from the team! Be sure to like and follow these fantastic artists! 


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