Houdini Core

Houdini, ahead of the Houdini 16 launch, SideFX has released Houdini Core with a scaling licensing and pricing models for studios to take advantage of. Houdini, now known as Houdini Core, now has a model that allows users to upgrade and scale the features needed based on the projects their working. The powerful program allows for cinematic modeling and rendering, texture creation, fur and fluid simulation, as well as fantastic shattering and destruction simulation. As game art claws it's way twords realism, Houdini may be a program worth consideration. Studios can use Houdini Engine plug-ins to export directly to Unity and Unreal Engine 4. If studios wish, a perpetual local access floating license is available up until may 31, 2017. The new lower rental prices along with license scalability are available for both Houdini Core and Houdini FX. The price includes the first year of the plan and provides support and online daily builds.  Houdini 16 launches on February 21 2017.

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