Instant Terra 1.1

Instant Terra is a software package that allows you to generate realistic terrain. Use the built in node system to control for erosion, flat areas for water, mountain height, and a plethora of other parameters and noises. Version 1.1 has added several noise nodes to the workflow. Terrain generation allows for up to 4000 km2 (or 1,544.4 miles squared) with 4 billion vertices or more depending on your computer. Instant Terra allows for fast export of large maps and is streamlined to work with Autodesk, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Houdini and Clarisse.   

Download the free trial of Instant Terra 1.1 for windows, and check out a gallery of landscapes created with the tool at the Wysilab portfolio. 

Want to learn more about Enviornment Creation? Have a look at our video on environment creation!

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