Isometric Games - tips and tricks

Isometric games have always been a staple of the industry. From the first, Zaxxon to Qbert and most recently Monument Valley which took isometric games into a high art. The versatility of a game play space inside isometric design is vast. Here we have a few good sources for how to handle isometric assets and game set up for your own:

For quick vector design, check out Chris Hildenbrand’s Building isometric art in vectors post. Simon Foster, artist on both rollercoaster tycoon 1 and 2, has a video explaining how he made the assets in his Photoshop CC 26 LightSpeed Automation with Droplets.

For a look at how to design Isometric Block worlds properly, check out Implementing an  Open World Isometric Game Engine Based on Block World Design. Its more on the technical side of things but it helps get in the mindset.

If you’re working in Unity, then there is a good tutorial from Haston Brandon on how to set up an isometric camera in Unity 4. For a less technical approach, check out the Isometric Toolkit from Unity, it takes no code and is easy to help set up isometric games inside unity.



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