Killer Tips in Unity 5!

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In Killer Tips in Unity 5 for intermediate viewers, instructor Alan Thorn explores a collection of high-powered tips and tricks for increasing your productivity in Unity 5. Learn how to batch rename objects, save data to persistent storage, handle events with visual scripting, explore secrets of the object inspector, revisit the world of mouse picking, sync audio with aniamtion, create split-scren games, work with gizmos, optimize 2D rendering, and create a code-less mini-map! This course presents a bite-size collection of tips and tricks that’ll help you see Unity in completely new ways!


This course will consist of 2 volumes and we will be releasing a volume every week. The downloadable version will be available at the end of the series release.


About the Instructor:

Alan Thorn is a multidisciplinary game developer, author and educator with 16 years industry experience. He makes games for PC desktop, Mobile and VR. He founded 'Wax Lyrical Games'​ and created the award-winning game 'Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok'​, working as designer, programmer and artist.He has written twenty-two technical books on game development and presented eighteen video training courses from Microsoft, Packt Publishing and These courses cover game-play programming, Unity development, 3D modelling and animation. Additionally, he has worked in game development education as a visiting lecturer for the 'National Film and Television School', as a Lead Teacher for 'Uppingham School', and as a Senior Lecturer at 'Teesside University'. Website: 

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