Making Humans! Anatomy Resources

Human characters are hard to get just right. We have a group of resources - from technical tools to an awesome overview of character modeling - to help guide you in your creation of that portfolio worthy character!

From Jason Hill comes a really cool eyeball modeling tutorial with a free model to see how it's done.

Tom Newbury has a human Anatomy study ZTL + OBJ for you to download, use as reference, retopo, rig or practice with.

If you need a in-depth accurate human male musculature model, then check out Zac ZXx’s free human anatomy model ZTL.

Steve James has a nice refresher video on shaping eyes and eye sockets as part of his free character modeling course from Wacom.

The amazing Ryan Blake has a great article on Lv.80 on Realistic Character Production: Tips and Tricks, breaking down character models through a pipeline from blackout to posed in Marmoset for portfolio renders.

Need help modeling realistic characters? Check out our character bust modeling course!

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