Megascans gets a Mega Update!

Celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary, Quixel has released Megascans 2018 along with a large number of updates and a shiny new website. Megascans is the largest online library of scanned physically based assets, and their scans have appeared in motion pictures like the Jungle Book(2016) and American Gods. Bungie, Unity and many other game companies use Megascans assets in commercial products. Megascans is the software to use if you want to create realistic environments like the pros!

Megascans Studio has gotten an overhaul to become Quixel Mixer, allowing you to create your own custom library of scan based materials. Material presets will help you find and tweak the right combination of scans. Use Megascans Bridge to build your own library of scanned materials, and import them right into your favorite game engine. Real-time notifications will keep users up to date on library additions. Full integration options are available for Maya and 3ds Max, with Quixel working on expanding to more software. With the anniversary release, a selection of scans have been made free.

Megascans will continue to grow and add more content to it’s library, updating software and new features. Head on over to the new megascans website and download today! 

 Want to learn more abotu Megascans? Check out our megascans tutorials from Morrissey Alexander on creating awesome textures with megascans!


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