More GDC Presentations!

 In the aftermath of this year’s GDC, more presentations have been making their way online for you to catch. Here are a collection of art talks given at this year’s conference, delivered by some of your favorite game studios and artists.


Sea of Thieves' Ryan Stevenson Presents “Visual Adventures in Sea of Thieves


Cuphead’s Animation Process and Philosophy



A Night in the Woods Design Postmortem



Game Art

The Ready at Dawn GDC "Artistry in New Medium" Powerpoint can be found on their site. 

The Houdini HIVE

SideFX and Houdini have a plethora of talks on topics ranging from real time oceans with Sledgehammer’s Matt Vitalone to automated photogrammetry to Game Res Pipelines! There are a total of 15 awesome videos to watch and learn from, so best get started!

Want to learn more about game production? Check out our animation pipeline tutorial!

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