Must Have Substance Materials!

Tire Generator from Daniel Thiger!

Take a look at this tire generator for Substance Player. Download and modify substances for free! The generator costs $25, but it’s a must-have to help you with that racing game you’re making. Download Substance Player to get started with this immediately!

Carpet Generator

Vincius Cortex has an amazing carpet generator tool that can generate any sort of carpet you want! The generator is $5.99, and you’ll have to download the free Substance Player to get started!

Tiling Metal masks and Hard Surface Masks

Dan Rozanski has made a bunch of Soodies for substance - bone alphas, tiling metal masks along with hard surface masks that work with Zbrush in addition to Substance. Check out his free samples to get a taste of what these can do for you!

Sci-Fi Panel Texture

From Artem Lebedev is a set of tiling sci-fi panel textures for only $1. The material is complex and beautiful!

Brick Wall Material

AndrewAlexArt has made a brick wall material for Substance. The material is reallz realistic looking and wonderful to use for any cityscapes! The material is free, but be sure to give credit, and check out the other materials he’s made!

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