Pixel Art Galore!

Working on an indie or game jam project and need some resources on Pixel art? Here’s a fantastic group of pixel art software to help you generate sprites, animations, and backrounds super fast!


From the makers of Marmoset, is the powerful Hexels. Create your own grid, animate, and export 8-bit, geometric or isometric out for your game!



Convert textures to that 8-bit style with the Pizatool! Currently on sale!



Much like the Pizatool, Pixelator turns clean drawings into Pixel art ready for your game!


Graphics Gale

Create, edit and animate pixel art for your game with the Graphics Gale software.

Want some pointers on creating some smooth pixel art for your games? Check out Pedro Medeiros’s tutorial images on Pixel art!

Want to learn more about the 2D art pipeline? Check out our tutorials on creating 2d games in Unity!


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