Polls are Open On Polycount's Greentooth Awards!

Get out there and Vote!

Polycount has announced it’s Greentooth Awards Voting! Vote on your favorite Studio, 3D art tools, Game Art and the most influential artist! Choose between CD Projekt Red, DontKod Entertainment, Epic Games, Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog and Blizard [team 4]! Vote on your favorite artist from Joe "Earthquake" Wilson,  Joshua "josh_lynch" Lynch, Jon "Hazardous" Troy Nickel, Wes "wesm" McDermott, Jeremy "DInusty" Estrellado, Tor "Snefer" Frick, Gavin "Gav" Goulden, Clinton "cmc444" Crumpler, Eric " Polycount Community Manager" Chadwick, Brian "Panda" Choi, Ben "Amsterdam Hilton Hotel" Bolton, Per "perna" Abrahamsen and Juan "Monster" Martinez.

Marmoset has sponsored some cool trophies for the Greentooth Awards. Be sure to visit the Polycount thread to cast your Vote. Voting will be over Jan 15th 2017, so don’t wait!



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