ProBuilder, Polybrush (Beta),& ProGrid for Unity!

Block out Levels, Paint Terrain and Snap to ProGrid! 

For Unity 2018.1 beta, the next three major tools have been integrated and are available for download. Probuilder, Polybrush and ProGrid are all available now!

The ProBuilder suite lets you build, prototype and playtest levels in Unity before you even having to set foot in a dedicated 3d modeling program. The powerful toolset allows users to build using simplistic geometry; extrude and inset custom shapes, create procedural shapes like stairs and edit basic UVs. 

Polybrush allows users to use customizable brushes to blend terrain between multiple materials, paint vertex colors, and scatter models across your landscapes. Polybrush also allows you to sculpt geo! 

ProGrid allows for 3d snap functionality which will aid with building precise environments, snapping modular components to your grid, and help with VR games! 

Head on over to the Unity Asset Store to download the Probuilder, Polybrush and ProGrid.

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