Put Your Skills to the Test!

For up and coming artists contests are a great way of testing your skill against other artists and for getting your work out there in the community. Judges for these tend to be industry heavy weights and of course there are the prizes. A shot at money and fame aside, These are one of the best ways of getting outside opinions on your art and force you to work outside your normal comfort zone and try to meet deadlines.

Polycount recently announced a new challenge from Allegorithmic, the makers of substance designer and painter bring you The Throne Room an environment art challenge. Previously allegorithmic hosted Battle of the Titans. The final models of the winners are viewable after the jump.

In addition to the sponsored contest, Polycount has announced it's first upcoming community Project, the Polycount Tower. And don't forget Tshirt design contest for GDC 2015.


CGsociety recently completed their Time Travel Challenge sponsored by The Foundry. Stay tuned for more from them. If the larger contests are too daunting, then some smaller scaled contests may be the thing for you! CGtalk often has mini challenges. If you want to test your speed then try out 3dtotal forums speed modeling challenge. Game Artisans is a website dedicated to art challenges.  

Put what you’ve learned to the test and compete!

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