Resource Roundup!

From around the corners of the web, we bring to you an assortment of modeling plugins to help you make cooler stuff faster.

Crease +

This Plugin comes for Maya, which allows the user to easily create hard surface models, chamfer proper edges, boolean and bevel amazing robotic parts. You can get it at Jose Manuel linaries’s gumroad.


Quick Pipe

From artist Adnan Chaumette is a Maya tool called Quickpipe. This plugin allows artist to create multiple complex shapes depending on selection type. Great for hard surface modeling, quick pipe allows artists to unwrap those same complex shapes. Watch the video below to see the full range of what it can do.


Metal From Hell

From artist CG artist Safwen Laabidi is a material that looks like glowing metal. You can find a link to download his Metal from Hell and you can watch his videos on how to set it up.  


To check out how to model in Maya, check out our videos on Modeling with Maya. 

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