Resources for 2.5D Games

With the increase in popularity smaller indie games, many teams are turning back to the technical concepts of the early PC games, like Doom, and developing them into absolute breathtaking art. The ‘2.5D’ style as it’s called is perfect for fixed camera, with a mixture of assets that are flat 2d or 3d, but game play is always fixed. Newer games such as Diablo 3 being the epitome of this style, and have taken it to the next level.

Speaking of Diablo 3, the GDC talk from Christian Lichtner on the Art of Diablo 3 is fantastic reference for handling on screen assets, as well as a good overview of composing the screen elements for levels.

From This last GDC, Raymond Crook’s talk on The Art of Broken Age, and his use of rigged characters constructed of billboards and alpha cards is the most comprehensive out there. The suggestions for scaleing a character in perspective (around page 109-127 in the GDC Vault .pdf) are also really helpful!

Be sure to read through both these amazing GDC talks!



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