Sketchfab New Store and Contest!

Shoe Texturing Contest!

Teaming up with Allegorithmic, Sketchfab has announced a sneaker texturing contest! Winners will get their hands on a full year of Substance Indie as well as some awesome Substance Swag! Download the FBX or OBJ file and have a blast! Check out the contest rules, take a look at the submissions that are already there, and be sure to tag your submission with #ShoesTexturingChallange!

Sketchfab Store!

Sketchfab has launched a storefront allowing artists to sell their work, and anyone to purchase from them. The store is still in beta, but there is already a wide range of categories for you to choose from.  If you’re interested in selling, you will have to apply for a seller account, and make sure you meet the guidelines. Worth checking out!

Want to learn more about Substance? Check out our tutorials on Substance Designer!

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