Substance Painter 2017.2!

Substance painter has had a huge update that came with a bunch of tools that make multiple material blending easier. Anchor Points, Height blend, Hull damage, Mask Referring system. The anchor allow the user to add generators through Micro Normal and Micro Height to any new normal stamps added after baking AO and curvature. Height Blend allows users to use a material’s height to blend between. This works great with 3D material scans for an organic look! For an example of new complex material blends using the anchor system, check out the new Hull Damage material that’s been added to the shelf! And all of this comes with a performance boost and the ability to link live into other applications through API scripting. Check out the full Substance Painter 2017.2 updates here. The splash image for this incarnation of Substance Painter was created by Zhelong XU, whom you should totally follow on Artstation.

Check out this tutorial from our friends at Lv.80 on how the Anchor System works!

For more about Substance, check out our intro to Substance Designer!

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