Need to grab some specific textures fast for a project? Doing a game jam, but don’t have time to make them in Substance? Check out this roundup of textures!


3D Textures

From 3Dtextures comes an awesome pack of textures including diffuse, normal, displacement, occlusion and specularity! All textures are free, and you’re able to use any of these textures on commercial projects (creative commons)! Be sure to support Joao Paulo’s patron page!



Check out Texturer for some nice photos of environments, animals, panoramas, sky, weapons and vehicles. Perfect if you need paintings or background art!


Friendly Shade

Check out Friendly Shade for awesome materials that have Albedo, gloss, AO, displacement and normals all ready to go in seamless textures. Not free, but boasting texture sizes up to 32k, and showcasing some amazingly detailed assets, this may be what you need for your project!


TriPlanar Marmoset Projection Shader

Need to throw some textures onto an asset in Marmoset fast? Try out Soon Aun’s projection shader

Want to learn to make your own enviornment textures? Check out our texture generation in photoshop tutorial!

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