Theater sessions from GDC!

Allegorithmic has released a mass of theater presentations on how different artists and studios have applied Substance in current games.

Texturing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: GDC Theater Sessions Pt 1 

Check out the presentation from Josh Lynch on how he used Substance to make awesome materials for Infinite Warfare as well as creation stratagies for substance designer. 

Face Texturing with Magdala GDC Theater Sessions Pt 1

Need some pointers on how to texture a face in substance Painter? Check out this presentation from artist Magdalena Dadela!

Texturing Epic Games’ Paragon: GDC Theater Sessions Pt 1

Artists Brad Smith and Harrison Moore showcase some awesome work for Paragon heros, and discuss the Substance Pipeline and toolset used to forge Paragon. 

GPU- Based procedural Placement with Horizon Zero Dawn

Slideshow from Jaap van Muijden on how they made the beautiful environments in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Check out the presentation here.

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