Tips for Winter Landscapes

Winter is officially here, with cold frosty mornings and occasional snowfalls. Digital artists might feel inspired to try to recreate the wintery wonderlands appearing outside their windows – but nailing a convincing snowy look can be a little difficult. Let’s look at some different approaches to creating some cold winter fluff in the digital world!

DCP Dustmap

From user Vusta, is a 3ds Max script for a dust map channel modifier that allows you to make a top down mask for dust or material buildup. Use a node to control the angle if you want the material coming from a different direction. Check out Vusta`s DCP Dustmap on Scriptspot!

Terrain textures - snow

Swedish game studio Stroboskop has a great set of free samples for ground snow up on their Unity asset store page. Check out the Stroboskop Unity shop for more! 

Zbrush sculpted snow

Artist Seth Thompson has a sweet tutorial with some tips and tricks on sculpting fresh snow buildup on objects in Zbrush:

Ice and Snow UE4 material

From the super awesome Michal Arndt comes an ice and snow material for Unreal Engine 4. It’s not free, but it may well be worth it you to give your environment that finishing touch or to get a glimpse at how an industry pro does things. Check out his ice and snow landscape on Gumroad.

Substance Share

The Allegorithmic library features a collection of some truly awesome materials - definitely worth downloading and taking a look at! The collection features stylized ice, a variety of cool snow materials and more.


If you’d rather go directly to the source when creating natural materials, Megascans has you covered! Check out their wonderful ice and snow textures at the megascans website.


Want to learn more about materials? Take a look at our Megascans tutorials!

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