Unity 2017.2

From Cuphead to Pokemon Go, Unity has been helping with the creation of amazing mobile and PC video games. The newest and greatest Unity 2017 version 2 has released with some nice new features. For 2D game designers, tilemap is a new feature that allows you to build grid based levels fast and easy. Make a palette of your custom tiles and use the smart brushes to paint them into the scene. Cinemachine is also available to work into 2D game play, allowing you to improve composition and tracking.

To help you get started, interactive tutorials have been added and will help you get started.

Timelines now visualize audio clips making editing of scenes faster and easier to match. Another exciting nea feature is the support of Autodesk’s Maya and 3Ds Max Stingray physically based renderer. Export your .FBX files and have them come in with the shader reading perfectly!

Support has been added for Google ARCore, as well as OpenVR for MacOs and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

For a full list of the newest features, check out the Unity documentation. Want to meet up with fellow Unity developers? Check out the Unity events page.

Want to learn how to make your own video game? Check out our Unity Tutorials!


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