Unity 2018.1 Beta!

The Unity 2018.1 beta is out! The first update of the year brings a lot of new and exciting features for Unity users. New features include a C# Job System and experimental Entity Component system, new real-time rendering architecture which has a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP). A feature this writer is really excited about is the new Shader Graph Tool which allows for node-based shader creation instead of scripting. The editor now supports presets for import settings as well as tessellation for metal materials. Entering experimental phase are stereoscopic 360 image and video recording as well as Sprite Animation API. FBX importing has been improved on, as well as the particle system. The Legacy Particle System will be retired, and there are many updates to the system requirements. Head over to Unity to download the Unity Beta 2018.1 and be sure to see the full change log for Unity 2018.1!

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