Unity 2018.1 Out!

Unity gains tons of useful features 2018 engine update! Packed with new tools, version  2018.1 allows you to create materials and shaders easily with the new Shader Graph system. Unity 2018 also features an assortment of templates to get started prototyping games right out the gate. Lightmap overlaps are now visualized for easier cleanup, metals can now tessellate with lower quality meshes, and GPU instancing now supports global illumination data for each instance created. And last but not least, dynamic resolution support for Xbox One and PS4 has been greatly expanded in the new Unity 2018 - so multi-platform releases just got that much easier! Visit the Unity page for a full list of improvements and check the videos below to see them in action!

Postprocessing Stack V2

 HD Render Pipeline

 LW Render Pipeline

 Shader Graph

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